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(site last updated 4/10/2014)

Easter Egg Hunt Event
1:00 pm, Saturday April 19, 2014
At the Linear Park grassy area just south of Comanche

After taking a year off, the very popular Easter Egg Hunt will be held this year at the uusual location beginning at 1:00 pm the Saturday before Easter.

Areas will be setup for various age groups to make sure children of all age groups will have a safe environment to gather the prize filled eggs.

This event is open to all regardless of whether they are members of our Neighborhood Association.

DONT' BE LATE...the children are quick and the action is usually over within 10 minutes of the event start!


ABQ Spring Green Waste Collection - Free Recycle of Green Waste

April 28, 2014 - May 09, 2014

City of Albuquerque Solid Waste Residential Customers can take advantage of free green waste pickup. Green waste will be collected on your regular trash collection day during the following weeks:

April 28 - May 2
May 5 - 9

Solid Waste Residential customers must place green waste — such as leaves, grass, and brush — in trash bags.
Bags must not weigh more than 40 pounds each.
Branches must be cut to four-foot lengths and bundled securely.
Items for green recycling must be placed at the curb for collection by 7 a.m. on the regular trash pickup day.
Items should be placed 5 feet away from automated trash and recycle carts.

Prohibited Items:
Collection crews will not pick up the following items:
Construction debris
Construction material
Tree stumps<

For more information please visit


About Our Neighborhood

Our neighborhood is made up of more than 625 households. Neighborhood development started in the mid 1970's, and there are 5 Subdivisions within our neighborhood: Glenwood Hills South, Casa Grande, Glenwood Square, Pheasant Hill and Prairie Dog Ridge. Our boundaries are roughly from Candelaria on the south side and Tramway to the west side, to Commanche on the north side and Camino de la Sierra on the east side.

The Neighborhood Association was created in the year 2000 with the City of Albuquerque to promote a better neighborhood and community through group action, so that the quality of life in the area shall be in keeping with the social, environmental, cultural and historic needs and interests of the residents. To this end, the activities of the Association shall include, but are not limited to, sponsoring cooperative planning, research, fund-raising, and public education programs as they are deemed necessary.

The original goal of the neighborhood was safety. Concerns for traffic control and property damage led to a meeting of concerned residents in June of 2000. As a result of that meeting members of the neighborhood met with the City to form an association. In September of 2000 the Neighborhood Association was formed and officially recognized by the City. The Association has accomplished many things to make this a better neighborhood since that original meeting.

A sign that a neighborhood is desirable is when new homes are being built in it. Some new homes have been built recently and many have undergone extensive remodeling. This is one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Albuquerque. It is close to town, mature, borders the Open Space, and has large homes with spacious lots.